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Flaregun AR is a 3D Augmented Reality rendering engine that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately visualize location data in 3D on mobile devices, wearables, and other internet of things (IoT) products. This technology is based on a first principle algorithm that translates GPS and sensor data from any device with a processor into 3D location data that can be viewed through a camera and display. Flaregun AR serves as a virtual bridge between the real world and the "metaverse" and is a foundational technology for AR applications.



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A First-Principle approach to delivering useful AR/VR utilities & enhanced experiences thru cameras across mobile platforms, goggles & IOT devices. Build and deploy your AR enterprise functionality free from major platform dependencies, terms & conditions. 

The future of Location Based Augmented Reality (AR) is looking bright, and one of the most exciting developments in this technology is its ability to visually connect people through their smartphone cameras.

In the past, AR has been used for a variety of purposes, from gaming and entertainment to shopping and education. But with the rise of advanced smartphone technology and the increasing popularity of social media, AR is now being used to bring people together in new and innovative ways.

One of the key ways that Location Based AR is achieving this is through the use of shared experiences. By using their smartphone cameras, people can now see and interact with the same virtual objects and environments, creating a sense of connection and shared presence even when they are physically apart.

For example, imagine two friends are visiting a museum on opposite sides of the world. With Location Based AR, they can both use their smartphone cameras to view the same virtual exhibit, and even chat and share their thoughts and reactions in real time. This creates a much more engaging and immersive experience than simply viewing a static image or video on a screen.

Another way that Location Based AR is bringing people together is through the use of virtual events and gatherings. With this technology, people can attend concerts, conferences, and other events from the comfort of their own homes, and still feel like they are part of the action. This is particularly useful during the current global health crisis, where large gatherings are not possible.

In addition to connecting people through shared experiences, Location Based AR is also making it easier for people to connect with each other in the physical world. By using their smartphone cameras, people can now easily see and communicate with each other in busy public spaces, such as crowded streets and crowded malls. This makes it much easier to meet up with friends, find your way around a new city, and even avoid collisions with other people.

Overall, the future of Location Based AR is looking bright, and this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we connect with each other. By using our smartphone cameras, we can now create shared experiences and connect with each other in new and exciting ways.

Flaregun AR

Connect with friends & family IRL through your camera as an on the ground guide for social events.  

Whiteout Kit

Built for off-network, zero visibility conditions. Save & share your important locations via QR Codes.

SHIFTPod Beacon

For the outdoor recreation crowd save & share base camp, meet ups and signal for help.  

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