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Welcome to the Revolution in Augmented Human Connection

Flaregun AR enhances the experience of personal navigation, safety & ultimately human connection. Our 100% proprietary geo-wayfinding eco-system visually connects people thru our cameras, reimagines advertising content & circumvents third-party dependencies while retaining backend data ownership. Ultimately, Flaregun turns the internet…outward!

Camera-based GPS navigation & safety in realtime first-person view

Cross-platform functionality with & without network

gathering people

Locating friends and searching for the essential places at events is frictionless and easy.


Share your locations privately and cross-platform with a simple link between Apple & Androids.

staying connected

Stay visually connected in real-time, 3D space at crowded events, anytime, anywhere.

Experiential Advertising, Activations & Aggregation

Flaregun monetizes the augmented airspace around users with click-thru digital content connected to the physical world, providing geo-advertising inventory that is user experience relevant & viewer verifiable.

content distribution

Augmented Advertising

branded experiences

Branded Experiences

verified engagement

Enhanced Analytics

Flaregun's patented Geo-AR algorithm integrates into any platform

Flaregun AR is built 100% from the ground up for flexible integration across native platforms with white label & custom tailored options. Enhance your audience’s experience with AR way-finding & increase your ROI with new geo-ad inventory, data ownership & significant revenue opportunities. We’ll show you how.

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