Welcome to the Brave New World!

A Global Reunion™ is Coming Soon...

 Post-Covid global reunion events are going to be so widespread, we will need a
New-World GPS to Navigate Our Real World Social-Lives."

Flaregun's AR Camera is a Visual Walkie Talkie & Virtual Social Navigator



Flaregun enables you to launch AR text message bubbles in the real world with sharable-links connected to your content or your location. View the posts by looking thru your camera, like another powerful set of eyes that see anywhere day or night even in zero visibility weather conditions.

 •Post AR Texts

•Link to Content

•Share in Messages

•Tap-to-View Posts

Post Geo-Tags

Users can post AR texts messages labels in dialogue bubbles above their locations. Add click thru links pointing to any web content.

Share Links

Paste a sharelink of your tags or your location into any message. You can easily share all your posts thru one link.


Tapping the sharelink opens the camera viewer allowing the user to see the tag location & distance, following the tag.

Find Your Friends

Flaregun allows you to share your single location in our AR universe easily & safely by pasting your share link into any message to recipients of your choice. The can follow the tag to find you.


& Event Producers 

Flaregun is a patented social engagement system that intersects our digital & physical worlds as seen thru our cameras, extending your digital presence in real life.

Use Your Powers for Good!


Flaregun is an independent, decentralized peer-to-peer Social AR platform made for self expression, content sharing, even finding friends, by looking at your world thru your camera, to realize Flaregun's Augmented Reality Meta-Verse is mapped all around Us, with useful tools made for real life & the greater good."

Coming Soon!

All-New Flaregun 3.0 Web AR & Bespoke Editions
Stay Tuned

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