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Enhancing Human Connection Thru Augmented Technology

Flaregun AR enhances the experience of human connection with our 100% independent mapping eco-system that reduces social friction while navigating our physical world, circumventing incompatibilities, costs and dependencies doing business with big tech overlords.

Revolutionizing Event Experiences with Wayfinding Solutions

Connecting Devices Cross Platform & Works Even Without Network

gathering people

Locating the people you love and searching for the essentials at events is frictionless and faster.


Share your locations privately and cross-platform with simple link between Apple & Androids.

staying connected

Staying visually connected in real-time, anytime, anywhere is effortless and reassuring.

Redefining Advertising, Activations & Data Categories

Flaregun creates pathways to find AR/VR content digitally connected to the physical world, providing spatial advertising opportunities that are geo-relevant, contextual and verifiable.

content distribution

Augmented Inventory

branded experiences

Branded Experiences

verified engagement

Enhanced Analytics

Integrate Enterprise SDK & White-Label Eco-Systems

People need a better way to connect with each other and so do brands. Flaregun AR provides pathway solutions for consumers, enterprises & brands across platforms with easy integrations. Enhance your audience’s experience. create new revenue streams and realize ROI with Flaregun’s Enterprise AR Eco-systems today.

Fast track your enterprise AR development