Global Augmented Reality Positioning Systems

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A First-Principle approach to delivering useful AR/VR utilities & enhanced experiences thru cameras across mobile platforms, goggles & IOT devices. Build and deploy your AR enterprise functionality free from major platform dependencies, terms & conditions. 


A foundational technology and virtual utility bridge from the real world to the metaverse:
Flaregun AR is 3D Augmented Reality render engine and cross-platform Virtual Positioning System based on a first principal algorithm which translates GPS and sensor data from any device with a processor, into 3D location data over visualized through the camera and display in mobile devices, wearables and other IOT products, including pass-through stereoscopic VR/XR. Flaregun has acquired multiple USPTO Patents for utility, process and design with an open application and continued filing.



Proprietary Technology



From Platform Dependencies

Flaregun AR

Connect with friends & family IRL through your camera as an on the ground guide for social events.  

Whiteout Kit

Built for off-network, zero visibility conditions. Save & share your important locations via QR Codes.

SHIFTPod Beacon

For the outdoor recreation crowd save & share base camp, meet ups and signal for help.  

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