Welcome to the Brave New World

Get Ready for the Peer-to-Peer Revolution

 Adapting to new-world life will take a shift in perspective and better tools."

Flaregun's Utility Patented GPS AR Technology is a Powerful Toolset For Any Experience Explorer, Content Creator or Platform



Flaregun's GPS camera enables you to find friends, launch text messages in locations with links you can share with others.

View posts by looking thru your camera; or AR goggles, like another powerful set of eyes day or night even in zero visibility weather conditions.

 •Locate People

 •Post Signage

•Link to Web

•Simple to Share 

Post Geo-Tags

Users can post AR texts messages labels in dialogue bubbles above their locations. Add click thru links pointing to any web content.

Share Links

Paste a sharelink of your tags or your location into any message. You can easily share all your posts thru one link.


Tapping the sharelink opens the camera viewer allowing the user to see the tag location & distance, following the tag.

Find People

Flaregun allows you to share your single location in our AR universe easily & safely by pasting your share link into any message to recipients of your choice. The can follow the tag to find you.

Experiential Impact & Social Influence

Flaregun is a decentrailized peer-to peer social engagement platform that intersects our digital & physical worlds. It empowers self expression, experience offerings, content sharing, extending digital presence in the physical world with simple click to view links and powerful engagement metrics.


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