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It's a new world

Flaregun was founded to help bring people together, especially at travel-to events. Our hearts are with everyone & ever optimistic. As we regroup, adopting new behaviors & better tools will be essential. In the coming months we will be introducing our next generation of wayfinding tools to help us all reconnect.

Experience Enhancement Lab & Mixed Reality Consultants

At the core of our Mixed Reality Toolbox is a camera-map utility & markerless AR positioning system with unlimited practical & creative applications independent from 3rd parties. 

AR Wayfinding SDK

GPS AR camera navigation for the last-mile. A mapping utility kit with everything you need to integrate markerless AR positioning of people, places & content into native iOS & Android projects.

Mobile XR Content

Deploy & share digital 2D/3D content in a realtime AR map. Flaregun's markerless AR geo-tags link users to VR & web content enabling verifiable engagement & valuable consumer insights.

Creative Consulting

Early XR innovators & major studio/agency creatives with years of experience refining patented technology & tools to help enterprises execute strategies efficiently with bold yet practical vision.

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