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An Augmented Technology Lab

Turning the Internet Outward to the Physical World

Geo-located AR Systems for All Smartphones
Functions Without Network Access
Verifiable Consumer Engagement
Monetize Your Audience for Greater ROI

Stand Out from the Competition

Create branded AR apps powered by Flaregun's 100% proprietary platform

Cross Platform Systems

 Create iOS & Android wayfinding apps with no 3rd parties. Not AR Kit, AR Core, Vuphoria, etc.

Streamlined Design

Design your GUI interface from our template & we publish them for you or we can set you up.

Flat Rate Pricing

Designed for enterprise solutions to cloud dependent platforms & unknown per-instance fees.

Rapid Publishing

Flaregun can have your apps published in App stores within days of GUI design delivery.

AR Integration Made Simple

Our templates & documentation guide you through the GUI design process. Or, not a developer/designer? We can create deliverables for you

White Label Apps

Flaregun AR includes everything you need to get started building your native iOS or Android projects. Simply sign up, download the Flaregun AR assets & begin building your app.

Custom Integrations

Our example projects, documentation & GUI templates will guide you through designing & deploying in your app with clear installation instructions.

Advertising & Insights

Traffic AR Ad inventory with click thru. Flaregun's geolocated ads provide verifiable engagement with valuable consumer insights & data capabilities & significant ROI advantages.

Fast-Track Your Development

The New Standard for Global AR Localization